PE Straight Yarns for Sports

Dtex: 8000 D/4F, 10200D/6F, 12000 D/6F, 12400D/6F, custom-made available.
Shape: Stem shape, Diamond shape, Tri-spine shape, C shape, D shape, S shape.

Color: field green, olive green, lime green, blackish green, light green, dark green, yellow green; white, custom-made available.

1) FIFA standard;
2) Passed FIFA Quality/Pro Labosport Test;
3) Good abrasive resistance;
4) Good rebound resilience
5) Good UV stability(different from 3000h to 5000h for different areas);
6) Good anti-aging ability;
7) Heavy metal free;
8) Strong color fastness;
9) Good movement performance;
10) Matt-finished,
11) Good standing performance
12) Natural;
13) Safe to human and animals;
14) Environmental friendly;

Product classification



football, tennis, baseball etc.




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